Embossing & Debossing


Embossing is the process of using heat and pressure to apply metallic foil to materials such as leather, papers, plastics and vinyl products, creating a permanent foil stamp such as e a name, initials, or a logo. 

We have a wide range of fonts, colours, and letter sizes and the process is very cost effective and quick.

Debossing is the same process but without the foil. This creates an imprint on the material that resembles branding. It is a cost effective method of adding a personal touch to items, especially leather, that gives it a really professional and manufactured look.

You will often find both processes referred to simply as Embossing although we prefer to make a distinct difference between the two. 

The image above shows an example of both debossing and embossing 


The process can be used on a wide range of products to create decorative finishes and anti-counterfeiting measures. 

Hot foil stamping is extensively used in the packaging industry as well as on banknotes, greetings cards, and throughout commercial print.

It is a good way to personalise items such as diaries, Ipad covers, books etc, or it can be used to stamp a foiled crest on lottery or entry tickets to prevent fraud or copying


We hold a limited number of items in stock although we can order in specific items as required.

However, you are also able to provide us with your own items that can then be embossed or debossed with your choice of wording or initials. 

You can either drop this off to us or send to us via ACS Express and we will return the item upon completion.