Custom Decals & Vinyls



Decals are images, logos, or text that are directly cut out of vinyl. They are different to stickers because no ink is used and therefore the image is long lasting and weather resistant. 

They can be used outdoors in rain or sun ( UV Resistant) or on boats and other water sports equipment.

We create our decals and stickers using high quality vinyl. These vinyls will last at least 4 years outdoors, and up to 7 years indoors, without fading, peeling, or flaking.

We have a wide range of colours available including new high quality 3D carbon vinyl suitable for cars, trucks, bikes or boats.



We also create custom made and pre-designed stickers using quality vinyl and laminate. This provides a weatherproof seal and they can be used indoor or outdoor. The benefit of stickers is that they can be multi coloured and fine detailed whereas decal tends to be used for one or two coloured graphics and block imagery.


We have a number of existing designs that you can choose from.

However, we can also create specific ones customised to your requirements. This could be your logo, your image, or just something that you wish to have as a sticker!!

To provide us with your own designs or images, please send us the image as a .svg, .png, or .jpg file to

Alternatively, you can search up svg files on the internet, find the image you like and then download it. You can then send that to us direct as an svg file.

Our customised vinyl decal and sticker prices start at  just €5