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Mug Printing & Glassware & Etching / Design

Mug Printing & Glassware & Etching / Design


Our temporary section featuring our personalised face masks and SVG's relating to the current Covid-19 Pandemic

Mug Printing & Glassware & Etching / Design

Mug Printing & Glassware & Etching / Design

Mug Printing & Glassware & Etching / Design

Custom made mugs

Our ceramic mugs are tough and hard wearing and we use high quality media to ensure you get the best possible and longest lasting image on your mug.

We also provide a full etching service for all mirrored or glass items that gives a clear and professional finish. 

We can also use special vinyl for all glassware and other materials

From logos to text, to fine detail - check out our products and see what you think.

T- Shirts & Caps

Mug Printing & Glassware & Etching / Design

Gifts & Homeware, including baby, bridal and other Gifts


Our T-Shirt and Cap range includes vinyl, heat transfer, and rhinestone images. These are hot-pressed using top of the range USA made presses. 

You can choose one of our own existing designs or we can design a custom image for you. 

And of course,  you can provide us with an image or design of your own.

Gifts & Homeware, including baby, bridal and other Gifts

Gifts & Homeware, including baby, bridal and other Gifts

Gifts & Homeware, including baby, bridal and other Gifts

sublimation blanks

Our gift range is always changing based on new items that become available. We provide custom made and personalised items including, photo frames, chopping boards, cushion covers, bags and many more. 

We also have a wide range of ready made &  customisable gifts in our new Baby and Bridal & Wedding Sections.

Take a look and see what you find each month.

Custom Decal and Vinyls

Gifts & Homeware, including baby, bridal and other Gifts

Custom Decal and Vinyls


Using top quality vinyl, we can create custom self adhesive decal and stickers for both indoor and outdoor use. Use for your car, boat, or anywhere else you wish to place them!  

Our custom made decal and stickers are long lasting, UV and weather resistant, and come ready for long term adhesion.  

We also provide vinyl designs that can be used on a range of products from glassware to plastics. We can apply it for you, or we can supply the ready made design for you to self apply at home.


Gifts & Homeware, including baby, bridal and other Gifts

Custom Decal and Vinyls


We can create all types of stickers for both indoor and outdoor use. 

We can create ;

  • Vinyl Stickers for inddor and outdoor use - with a 3 year minimum guarantee
  • Glossy and Matte Stickers
  • Paper Stickers for indoor crafts, books, lunchboxes, and everywhere else!
  • Transparent stickers - waterproof and UV resistant without a background
  • Waterproof, rainproof, and UV resistant stickers
  • All shapes and sizes
  • Laminated stickers 
  • Gold and Metallic Foil stickers

Cartoon, photo, shapes - you name it we can do it and with a quick turnaround too

Take a look at our sticker sets or send in your own designs and photos for a customised sticker set

SVG Cutting files

embossing / debossing

SVG Cutting files


SVG is the standard format used for crafting and cutting out files. 

We design many of our SVG files ourselves, others we have designed for us or we purchase and then digitalise. What this does is create a very detailed and crisp image that will not lose any quality when either reprinted, resized, or cut out.

We often make some of the SVG files available for you to purchase. You may wish to create your own product at home and require an image. 

Our SVG's come with a commercial license for you to make products for commercial gain or for yourself. The only thing we don't permit within the license is for the resale of the image itself. 

Our SVG's are instant downloads - you are not sent anything in the mail. However, SVG's are non refundable and so please choose carefully. 

If you do not have a cutting machine available, we can also cut the SVG for you or alternatively, take a look at our sticker section if you wish to make stickers from these files

Ribbon printing

embossing / debossing

SVG Cutting files


We provide a high quality ribbon printing service for ribbons ranging from 5mm to 110mm. Printed ribbons can include text in any language and logos or images. 

We can provide a wide range of stock ribbons or if you have a specific ribbon you wish to use, we can use your own. This is great for weddings, events, and special occasions. Wrap that present up in style!

embossing / debossing

embossing / debossing

embossing / debossing


Embossing is the process of stamping lettering onto materials to create a personalised touch. Debossing is to stamp lettering into materials without colour - essentially a bit like branding. . 

You can place your initials, or a message  onto diaries, Ipad covers, handbags, glass cases and so many more. You can even provide us with your own items to be personalised. 

personalised pencils

full inkjet printing services

embossing / debossing


 We have a stock range of pencils, both HB and colouring that can be personalised with any name or message. Stop losing those pencils to everyone else - make it personal!. Again, you are welcome to provide a special pencil or pencil set of your own to have personalised. 

full inkjet printing services

full inkjet printing services

full inkjet printing services


 We provide small scale but high quality ink jet printing for all your printing needs. We can print up to A3 in full colour including brochures, leaflets etc. We produce high quality prints time after time.   

seasonal gifts

full inkjet printing services

full inkjet printing services


 Here you will find a selection of seasonal gifts that can be purchased ready made or that can be personalised and custom made. 

This includes our Christmas, Valentine, Easter and Summer items

About Us

about us

About Us

We are a family run business specialising in personalised merchandise & personalised gifts. We have two operational studios, a design and graphic studio based in Ipswich, UK and retail shop & studio in Limassol, Cyprus. 

Our products are first imported into Cyprus from the United Kingdom, the United States, and European manufacturers, where they are then personalised and dispatched worldwide.

We source the most reliable, cost effective items with bona fide standard marks to ensure quality is never compromised. We do not import any items from Asia or China due to the sub standard quality we have found there.

We have the expertise behind us to deliver professional quality, personalised, and custom made items to our global customers using some of the best products and printing resources currently commercially available . 

We are fluent in both English and Greek and can produce wording in these two languages as well as others. 

Check us out and feel free to contact us with your specific requirements


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and long lasting merchandise. Our studios are equipped with professional, top quality machines and we are confident in their output.

However, should you not be satisfied with the any product, you have 7 days to return this to us and we will offer you your money back or a replacement like for like product. 

There are just a few exceptions to this and our terms and conditions provide more details on our returns policy. 


Shipping & Delivery

We can deliver across the whole of Cyprus and we can ship world wide.

For Cyprus orders, we charge a flat rate for normal post office delivery or you can choose to have your items delivered by ACS at your own expense. You simply enter ACS in the coupon code and pay delivery fees upon collection.

Alternatively, you can courier payment in cash to us with ACS and then the items are delivered back to you on the same day.

We are sorry that we are no longer able to provide collect and pay on delivery  to couriers companies anymore due to the number of no shows that have occurred recently. 

This has resulted in us having to cover the cost of failed collections as well as items that are no longer of use due to personalisation.

However, we may be able to deliver to you direct to your door and receive payment on delivery. Please ask us about this service. 

For international orders, we charge a flat rate based on weight and delivery is within 14 days.

All goods are dispatched from within the Republic of Cyprus.

Shipping usually take place within 24 hours of the order being received and payment being received. 

However, during busy periods, this may incur some delay by a day or so.

Please allow up to 72 hours for delivery for RoC orders

We will notify you via email once a shipment has taken place. You will also receive a text message via courier company if that is the chosen method of delivery.

We accept all major cards and paypal


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